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Entrepreneurship Classes For Kids

As a parent, you know that when your child decides to do something, they want to do it right away. This motivation and drive can be a powerful force, and at Nuclear Business, we want to harness this force for the good. We want to inspire children and teach them the values and skills of opening a small business.

Think your child would be interested in entrepreneurship? Why not get them started early? Our youth business training program introduces students to the process of building a small business, selling their products or services, and learning the ins and outs of business ownership and all of the values that come along with this pursuit.

By enrolling them in the Nuclear Business Club program, you can help improve their creativity, work ethic, responsibility, commitment, social skills, and drive. These are life-changing tools that can help them not only develop a passion for business, but it can also arm them with an attitude and skill set that will allow them to succeed in all facets of life.

Have questions? Ready to enroll your young entrepreneur? Contact us to find out more about our business-for-kids program or to get started!


The Nuclear Business Club Works



As an adult, you decide it’s time to take control of your career and turn your business dreams into a reality.

As a parent, you notice your child has a growing interest in making money or entrepreneurship. They could demonstrate this by starting a lemonade stand, babysitting, mowing lawns, or even just asking about business ideas for kids.



You enroll yourself or your child in the Nuclear Business Club program, wherein our team of business experts will help you or your children develop their entrepreneurial skills over the next several months in a hands-on classroom setting. From business ideas to implementation, we will begin to develop an actual working business with our students.



This is the “proof of concept” phase. Once the planning is over, it's time to make some sales. We provide our students with a safe, populated venue in which they can sell their products and services to real customers.



During this step, we will evaluate business progress to determine the state of your business and where they can personally grow and improve to make more sales in the future.



Once a student has completed our initial entrepreneurship training program, they are eligible to level up into one of the more advanced programs we offer for further business training.

As your portal into entrepreneurship and business ownership, we know that it is important to teach our students — whether they are children or adults — the vital skills necessary to be successful in business and life. Through our proven-effective process, we help our entrepreneurs dive into and explore what it is really like to own and operate a business.

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"Amazing opportunity to impact your children's future!!!!!

Ryan and the entire team are awesome."

-Christopher Regis



Family Plan

$99 per month (re-occuring)
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills in a classroom environment
  • Develop and market a product.
  • Evaluate business progress and look for areas of growth
  • Guest Speakers & Events



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