Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Nuclear Business Club of Orlando welcomes a myriad of guest speakers to our programs. We believe in the power of guest speakers and love what they bring to the table: experience, expertise, and great, applicable advice for others who are looking to start small businesses, grow their business, or just discover their passion in life. Our passion is helping small businesses get started and succeed. Offering amazing guest speakers who share their knowledge and passion with others helps everyone grow.

Being a guest speaker has other advantages besides just sharing knowledge. Read below for added benefits of being a guest speaker.


  • Promote your business. Being a guest speaker is a golden opportunity to promote your business and your brand, and to get the word out about who you are and what you do. As you impart your knowledge and offer great advice, you’ll gain trust amongst your listeners, which leads to new customers.
  • Make connections. There is a huge difference between seeing someone in person versus only on social media. Guest speaking allows the speaker to connect with the audience in a real way, answer questions, and be authentic.
  • Learn new things. Albeit being a guest speaker is about educating your audience about you and what you do, you’ll learn just as much. Meeting new people will expand your knowledge base and possibly lead to business ideas.
  • You’ll narrow down your message. Being concise about who you are and what you do is vital in our impatient, immediate society. The more you articulate your niche, the better it will sound. Aim for under 10 seconds and one sentence when asked what you do. Speaking at events, you’ll be asked dozens or hundreds of times about what you do. Practice makes perfect!
  • Networking opportunities. Usually, guest speakers are invited to hang out after the speech or event. This will give you lots of time to mix and mingle, especially if food is served. Often, you’ll be approached with questions from those wanting more in-depth explanation of what you just covered, or you’ll have a chance to share more about yourself and business.

Guest speaking opportunities are a win-win for both the organization and the individual. Nuclear Business Club in Orlando, founded with the idea to promote small businesses and help them succeed as well as encourage entrepreneurship in our youth, loves the learning and camaraderie from guest speakers. We welcome business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all industries to our club to share their stories, their struggles, and their triumphs. Hearing business success from others encourages and motivates our members in their small business journey and stimulates business ideas.

Our speaking opportunities include speaking at our entrepreneurship classes both for adults and kids, which focus on guiding others through the process of building their own small business, or at one of our monthly membership events, which can include panel discussions and Q&A sessions.

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